This is my blog page. On it i will more or less frequently ramble about my life and the less important stuff :)

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Date: 10/7/2024, 23h

Mood: hesitant, anxious, tired

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Hi. It's the beginning of the night and i am in the south of France. I came here for the Avignon theater festival, and i only got to see two spectacles for now. I'm leaving in two days, i'll try to see two more tomorrow, one of them doesn't really seem good but might be. I'm quite tired, and quite anxious, because i spent my whole day yesterday working on trying to register to art studies (or at least the entry test), and it was an extremely complicated process. I might have liked staying home to do that better.. honestly i thought it'd take less time and i'd have more time to enjoy things here. I did swim in the pool a little and it was very nice

I was very tired these last couple days, i think the warmth is one reason why, but i also forget to take my meds. I haven't had any other side effects for now so i'm chill. I still gotta try to take them on time from now on.

Today i saw a piece about an intersex person named Sarita Vincent Guillot. It was very interesting but honestly heartbreaking. I could relate to some of the story just by having been abused in different ways and being trans.

Soon i'm going to Ragnarok, a mass LARP event that i've been waiting for for a whole year now. It's the case every year. And at the same time these last two times i have also been very anxious about it. It's not exactly easy to get into character and forget about my life when i overthink all day every day. I'll try my best, i have friends and i'm under new(ish) medication that should help. I'm not optimistic, but i'm hopeful.

Date: 11/6/2024, 19h

Mood: tired, satified, medicated

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Hey. This is my first blog post on this website. Today has been a pretty decent day, but i can't say it's finished yet 'cause i tend to go to sleep at unholy hours, which means that i still have a bit of time in front of me. I just spent my day resting and coding. I have boxes to do because i'm moving in just a couple days, and i should get on with the eternally waiting paperwork.

The cat sat on my laps while i was working on my website. She's currently sleeping beside the bed on her pizza box.

I still have many projects for this website. It will come with other things too, because ideally i'd like to have my kofi working with it too, to add a newsletter and some montly subscription stuff. All of that will come very soon, as i have been waiting to get into my new apartment for many things, and it's finally coming.

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