Thank you for your interest! Here are some informations about my commissions.

By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service.

You can contact me via my mailbox

For examples of my work, check out my portfolio :).

KO-FI for emergency commissions.More infos down on the page.

papers, ink, and drawings

My Do's and Don't:

I WILL DO: humans, anthros, mechs, monsters, gore, nsfw

I WILL NOT DO: real people, illegal content, right wing imagery

I WILL PRIORITIZE: pinup, TTRPG characters, fantasy and sci-fi, occult and religious imagery, interesting concepts and scenes


Rules and Permissions

- You are allowed to share my art only if I am given proper credit. You are allowed to use it publically, in a profile picture or in other places in the same way.

- I am allowed to post the commission i made and use it for promoting my work and art, unless we specifically discussed otherwise.

- My work is for personal and private use only. You are not allowed to use it commercially in any way. If you wish to use my art commercially, we might discuss adapting the price.

- You are not allowed to edit, alter, or modify my art. This includes altering my signature. Cropping for use is fine.

- The use of my art for AI training or NFT is strictly prohibited.

- If you wish to cancell the commission after payment, you will be refunded 90% of it. If I already started working on the commission, I will refund you as i see fit. If I have to cancel the commission for any reason, you will be refunded fully.

- I claim the right to refuse a commission for any reason. You are asked to take consideration of what I am able to do and of my artstyle before commissioning me. Rude and disrespectful customers will have their commission immediately cancelled with a partial refund as referred above.

Payment and process

- You may contact me via email preferably, tho i will answer on instagram; I will be asking for your email to be able to send a paypal invoice, as well as send you the final result.

- I ask of you clear and detailled references pictures. Picrews are allowed too. I will not accept a description or a moodboard only. If you wish of me to design you a character from a moodboard and/or a description, we might discuss adapting the price. Complicated references and designs may be simplified, depending of the type of commission taken.

- Payment is made upfront via Paypal, I will start working on the commission only after having recieved the payment full. I will as well give you an estimation of the timeline expected for the final result. I reserve myself the right to go over the potential deadline i have communicated if anything unexpected happens.

- I will be sending you at least one progress update, at which point you are allowed to ask for minor changes. Further changes are possible, but i will be asking an increase in the price.

- The final result will be sent to you via email. At this point i will not accept any further modification nor refund.


Clear abuse, disregard, or breaking of my TOS will result in blacklisting and banning from any future purchases from me. This include but is not limited to:

- Filing a chargeback against me.

- Failure to pay/ alert me of a canceled transaction.

I claim the right to modify and update these terms of service if needed. You are welcome to contact me for any question or clarification :).

Emergency commissions will be taken on my ko-fi page. It will serve as a test for future work and i hope it will ease the process. The link to my ko-fi page is accessible here, on top of the page

For emergency commissions, i will *not* be sending a progress update. I will not either be accepting mecha, furry, or monster commissions. As prices are lowered, I want the process to be quicker and steamlined. You will recieve a commission with a similar amount of detail as the examples given. The rest of the TOS still applies.