About me

I am Salomon. 22, it/they/shem/void, Belgian and Polish, queer, voidpunk, artist and more.

here's my pronouns page :)

I'm a roleplayer, a crafter sometimes, and an art lover always. Occult, horror and dark fantasy are some of my big interests. In my free time, i draw, play music, listen to metal, practice LARP sword fighting and fire spinning. I am often found working on lore and stories for games online and irl, usually Dnd or Call or Cthulhu. Things that i would like to do more are writing and reading mostly, but also so much different stuff i will never have the time to do, as goes the curse of wanting to know how to do everything. Jack of all trade, master of none, yk

Things i tend to struggle more with tend to be more social matters. I can speak in public, but friend groups and social spaces and times challenge me a lot. I'm working on that too, but poor mental health doesn't exactly help with that. Art is an escape i gladly share with those close to me, and rpgs are a distraction i couldn't survive without.

a little stamp gif of a book with pages flipping
mirror with a statuette and books on a shelf